There is a very important role that the bible prophecy is playing in every Christian's life. It is also very crucial that every Christian will know how is Jesus as well as the revelation that he has made. Knowing Jesus would be enough for some Christians as they get confused with the bible prophecy. It is stated in the bible that it is the revelation of Jesus Christ that is why it is also important to know what are those revelations. It is in the last days that the word of prophecy has been made for us to understand. It is the whole point of the prophecy is for us to know the revelation. There has already been a revelation of the right. 


It is the event that concerns the Jews that you will understand how important it is to understand the prophecy made by Jesus. It is in the book of Mathews that the city of Jerusalem would be destroyed according to the prophecy of Jesus. There was a leveling in the whole city and not just the fact that it is damaged. The moment that the people of Jerusalem would see the sing, they should immediately leave as warned by Jesus himself. In the AD70, the roman army came to the city but withdrew with no reasons ar all. This has been the sign that Jesus has told them but the people of Jerusalem still didn't head his warning. The number of Jews that stayed in the city was around 1 million. The roman army came back for the city and destroyed it. Because the 1 million Jews didn't listen to the prophecy and warning that was given by Jesus, they were destroyed together with the city of Jerusalem. By taking a look at the incident, you will realize the importance of the bible prophecy. Get more details about prophecy at


The moment that you will take a look at the bible history, then you will know that there is thousands of year of history that are behind it. It is the bible prophecy that you should heed just like what the apostle peter said. It is the moment that you will not be interested with the bible prophecy tat you will be prone to deception. Evil is just around the corner looking for people that he can deceive. You will be its prime target the moment that you will not listen and be interested in the Prophetic prayer. That is why for the people that are still confused in understanding the prophecy, it is very important that they will call to God for more knowledge and wisdom in understanding his words.



You also have it remember that you should also not take any man's word for the truth but always compare it to the bible. Always remember that it is only the word of God that you can only trust.  Get answers from God here! 


A lot of Christians at present do not read Bible prophecy due to the entire prophetic symbols found therein. However, Bible prophecy is there for us to understand, or else God would not have allowed its inclusion in the Bible. The inclusion of Bible prophecy is not to cause confusion, but as a REVELATION! This is what the Book of Revelation confirms from the start. It presents to us a "revelation of Christ". Thus, since Bible prophecy is to reveal, God did not write it in a manner that none of us could grasp its meaning.


Neither is the bible prophecy open to one's own understanding because according to 2 Peter 1:20 no prophecy of Scripture came about by the prophet's own interpretation of things. Therefore, how are we going to interpret Bible prophecy? What is supposed to be the perfect way to interpret the meaning of all such prophetic symbols? Now then, we make use of the Bible to reveal itself, and by this it means that when we come upon a certain word that does not seem to make sense then we search for that word elsewhere inside the Bible to discover its meaning. 


Let us use an example to illustrate. Revelation 13 tells of 2 beasts. One beast emerges from the seas and one arises up from the earth. If we simply read such chapter alone, then it is going to be quite difficult, almost impossible to comprehend what it is trying to tell. However, if we follow the rule of using the Bible for its own interpretation, then we are very likely to find a little understanding about this. Thus, we have to discover how to interpret "beast" according to the Prophecy New Watch. Turning to Daniel 7, we discover a verse saying, "The fourth beast will be the fourth kingdom of the earth". And so it is revealed to us. A beast signifies some kingdom or nation on earth. Therefore, now we recognize that the two beasts that Revelation 13 talks about represent two nations.    


Now, logic is also used in interpreting the Bible, and looking at Revelation 13's second beast, we will realize that it emerges from the earth, instead of the sea. Thus, if by "sea" it means a place with numerous people, nations as well as tongue, such as Europe, applying logic we have to assume that by "earth" it means the contrary and refers to a nation which arose from a wasteland, uninhabited area, similar to what America did.  For facts about prophecy, check out this website at



Now you see that using the Bible for its own interpretation will open up the prophecy and reveal great things to us. However, we must at all times learn about these things in a humble prayerful way and request God to make us understand, keeping in mind that He is the supreme cause of wisdom.


Many people probably don't know that those who have received the gift of prophecy are not necessarily capable of predicting future events. There are many things that changed in the global prophetic movement. Bridges were established within the diverse prophetic community over the past years. We celebrate diversity versus uniformity whether it is delivered in evangelism, worship, prayer, writing or media.


Do you think its time to raise the bar of prophetic ministry? What are the specific standards that we can set for ourselves to be effective leaders and role models? Keep in mind that the spirit of prophecy is Christ's testimony. Let us keep our integrity, be a people of authentic grace, following Jesus as our true and sole example of serving God.


First and foremost, we have to go back to basics and check ourselves, we need to follow Christ and be like Christ, so we need to set a high standards for ourselves basing on Christ. We need to find our identity in Jesus. Modern prophecy from Bishop Jordan must be based still in bible prophecy which as our final authority. We must walk in the culture of honor and cultivate our character to carry the gift. We must remember that the fruit of the Spirit is valued as the gift of the Spirit. Let us help build the body of Christ according to His divine plan, including the community and the local church. We are chosen to deliver the good news, and it is our responsibility to fulfill his divine will. It is written in the bible the three purposes of divine prophecy which tackles edification, exhortation and consolation by Paul. Edification is helping people strengthen their faith, to enable them to be more effective in the ministry. Exhortation is the motivation and admonishment for people to do good actions and encourage other people to do the same. Consolation is giving solace and comfort, and alleviating distress.


Encouragement is important in order to influence other people to be good followers and good leaders like Bishop Jordan. The gift of prophecy is used by the Holy Spirit to convince sinners that God has good intentions and that we are His children, redeemed from the bondage of sin. This applies to everybody, we need to be convicted and be convinced that though we have sinned, God is ready to forgive us and take us with Him in the promise land. The holiness of God is penetrating the hearts of inquirers and unbelievers, layer by layer. Thus, a true prophet promotes the purity of the Lord resulting in greater purity. Prophecy is God's vocal gift to His chosen People, teaching others about His words and divine plan. We should possess maturity in handling of God's given gift , and recognize the aspects of prophetic revelation namely the spirit prophecy, the ministry prophecy, the gift prophecy, and the office of a prophet.



The gift of prophecy spiritual gift coming from God, given generously to His people in order to help them walk with sure steps of faith. The ministry of prophecy is important in exercising the gift of prophecy, so it is intact and bounded according to God's divine plan. Visit this website at and know about prophets.


There are a lot of reasons why you wish to receive a prophecy. It is quite important that you are aware that such can strengthen your faith. Getting a prophecy prepared just only for you can be quite encouraging and this will also help you find a source of strength. Be reminded that God is the source of strength and you must grow your faith in Him everyday can help you become equipped in today's world. Know that the prophecy may also help you to discover those hidden strengths that you have inside you.


When you receive a prophecy from E. Bernard Jordan, you will also get confirmation. Some have found that when receiving prophecy, there is confirmation of instructions which they had already been hearing from God themselves but yet to act on this. The confirmation of prayers which are made to the Father, whether the prayers have been recent or from the past is what you will get. The confirmation may be in the form of an answer to a particular question. After receiving the first prophecy, it is quite important that you take those words that you got from God in prayer. You then need to wait for confirmation for the truth of such prophecy to be revealed. You should also make this prophecy made known to your local pastor.


There are many of those who are a new believer or long term believer in Christ. Irrespective of the case, they can still go through the same questions during their walk with the Lord. The prophet may sense the calling, the spirit of the person and the mantle. The prophet can also detect the gifts which has been put on an individual by the Holy Spirit such as if God actually called you to preach His word to His kingdom then this means that you are called to be a pastor. Check out this website at for more facts about prophecy.


You should also know that the prophet is there to edify the churches as well as the congregations. They do so through reminding the people about how much power one needs to access through believing in Jesus. You must also know that the scripture teaches valuable lessons and when you are influenced to apply what you have learned, then you should access that more positive approach in life. Know that edification is quite uplifting and this would also help bring peace to the seeker.



Receiving a prophecy from Bishop Jordan can be quite a powerful tool. With prophecy, then you can obtain clarity in your life's twists and turns. Also, they may forewarn you about the upcoming events or how the actions that you make today can be the future recipe for disaster. You must know that their insight can actually prepare you for the next move or the next phase in life.


Prophecies are still very true these days. There are various reasons why people would want to receive a prophecy. Whatever reasons they have, they understand that it is crucial to receive Bible prophecy at this time and age wherein there are many questions that need to be answered.


But, why is it essential to receive prophecies or ask for a specific prophetic prayer?


First and foremost, receiving a Bible prophecy from E. Bernard Jordan will definitely strengthen one's faith. Prophecies will help you discover some of the strengths that you never knew you actually had.


There will be a certain time in your life when you feel that God is trying to tell you something important or He is sending you a certain message. Certain people who have been given the gift of prophecy will help you obtain confirmation of God's special message.


Whether you're a new believer in the faith or you've been faithful for many years, there will come a time when you feel that you don't know exactly what God wants you to do.


Prophecy will help you have a clearer understanding of your calling and you will also receive essential insight on which direction in life you should take. A Master Prophet will help you determine what gifts God has bestowed upon you so you can use these gifts for His glory and you can help others along the way.


As you may already know, prophets are the people who are able to get answers from God. If you need intercession for other people, you can ask a Master Prophet to help intercede for that person. Prophets have the power to move God's heart.


Did you know that prophets have the gift of prophetic insights as well? God can inform them of a certain situation wherein you may make a wrong decision. The gift of prophecy that prophets have will help you avoid taking the wrong turns and making wrong choices that could result to a miserable future.



In relation to decisions, prophecies will also help you have better knowledge in handling various situations.


Peace is a very crucial part of one's life. Getting answers from God through the help of a Master Prophet like E. Bernard Jordan will help you find the missing piece of your life. Prophecies will also remind you that no matter where you go or what you do, you are never alone.


If you are one of the many people in this world who feel that you are bound to something that you don't quite understand, it may be time to get real answers from God. Prophetic prayer will help you break whatever bonds are keeping you from living a peaceful life.



Life always has struggles ahead but it's a relief to know that there are prophecies to help us along the way. You may come across questions that you still don't find the answers to but prophecies will help you get the answers from God that you've wanted to hear. Know more about prophets at