There is a very important role that the bible prophecy is playing in every Christian's life. It is also very crucial that every Christian will know how is Jesus as well as the revelation that he has made. Knowing Jesus would be enough for some Christians as they get confused with the bible prophecy. It is stated in the bible that it is the revelation of Jesus Christ that is why it is also important to know what are those revelations. It is in the last days that the word of prophecy has been made for us to understand. It is the whole point of the prophecy is for us to know the revelation. There has already been a revelation of the right. 


It is the event that concerns the Jews that you will understand how important it is to understand the prophecy made by Jesus. It is in the book of Mathews that the city of Jerusalem would be destroyed according to the prophecy of Jesus. There was a leveling in the whole city and not just the fact that it is damaged. The moment that the people of Jerusalem would see the sing, they should immediately leave as warned by Jesus himself. In the AD70, the roman army came to the city but withdrew with no reasons ar all. This has been the sign that Jesus has told them but the people of Jerusalem still didn't head his warning. The number of Jews that stayed in the city was around 1 million. The roman army came back for the city and destroyed it. Because the 1 million Jews didn't listen to the prophecy and warning that was given by Jesus, they were destroyed together with the city of Jerusalem. By taking a look at the incident, you will realize the importance of the bible prophecy. Get more details about prophecy at


The moment that you will take a look at the bible history, then you will know that there is thousands of year of history that are behind it. It is the bible prophecy that you should heed just like what the apostle peter said. It is the moment that you will not be interested with the bible prophecy tat you will be prone to deception. Evil is just around the corner looking for people that he can deceive. You will be its prime target the moment that you will not listen and be interested in the Prophetic prayer. That is why for the people that are still confused in understanding the prophecy, it is very important that they will call to God for more knowledge and wisdom in understanding his words.



You also have it remember that you should also not take any man's word for the truth but always compare it to the bible. Always remember that it is only the word of God that you can only trust.  Get answers from God here!